Luthiers, Lutheries, Workshops, Small factories, Violin making Schools


We make researches frequently looking for lutheries and luthiers around the world to discreetly choose our partners and makers based in the European high standards to compile a collection of well crafted musical instruments.

 Some of our luthiers live in far away locations in the mountains and tiny towns. Others work in professional workshops and lutheries. Advanced students and apprentices have to start somehow in the market, and many other people and are occasional builders or people with disabilities. Women are thriving in the field, trying to survive is a men's market. Black people still have a hard time to see their work recognized.

Not everybody want to show up or is willing to live in a big city where the musical scene is more prominent and the luthier could interact with the players. A confidentiality agreement protects all the parties involved and their privacy.

Musical instruments are pieces of art, been a tool at the same time. They don't have any flag or citizenship, their mother tongue is the music language and they come straight from nature to resonate around our bodies.

Luthiers dedicate their time and work to create instrument that may endure for centuries. You may live in Africa, Oceania, Asia, South America or even in Middle East countries. If you want to show your craftwork and become one of our luthiers, please send us a message for our consideration.

We also welcome lutheries, workshops, small factories and violin maker schools to contact us. As well as professional luthiers, teachers and master luthiers. We're here to build bridges for violin makers, no matter how they look like or from where they come, from any walk of life.

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